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Video of Bear Enjoying a Good Soak at the Oregon Zoo Couldn't Be More Innocent

Everyone needs to get in their last summer activities as the season end draws near. Because like it or not, that cool autumn days are not too far away. That means people are probably flooding the hiking trails, beaches and swimming pools. And that very much includes us! We're soaking it all in. And you best believe animals are getting in on the last of the summer activities too. 

The official TikTok for the Portland, Oregon Zoo, @oregonzoo, posted a clip that shows how animals are just like us and love to cool off during a hot summer day. They're taking full advantage of the summer days before it's too late. This video in particular, which has over 2.7 million views, highlights a Black Bear. He's relaxing in a tub full of water. But he does more than just soak in the tub. He's out here living his best life and it's the timeline cleanse we all needed! 

Stop it! This is so, SO cute! He's really just hanging out, playing in the tub and splashing around. You can tell how much fun he's having. He's like a giant kid in the pool or in the tub, playing for hours on end. We so in love! 

This clip has got most TikTok users wondering, are bears really that dangerous? Because they are too dang cute! @Whoknowswho wrote, "And we're positive they're dangerous and not potential besties?" LOL! This one definitely looks like a best friend to us! @Morgan Tremaine added, "It’s so unfair that these are friend shaped but also death machines." That's what we're saying! We just want to be friends. Is that too much to ask for? 

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"This bear is having more fun than me this summer 😂 😳 💜," wrote @rxangl. Ha! He's seriously getting more water time than any of us. And we're only a little bit jealous. Ok, a lot jealous, but he definitely deserves it!

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