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Video of Bear Boldly Stealing a Man's Beer Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Ah, summertime. It's the perfect time for relaxing in the outdoors, even if it's as simple as enjoying a beer in the backyard. Well, it would be simple if it weren't for beer-stealing bears. What, you've never seen one? Then you certainly haven't seen @beanzalli's viral video. 

In the clip that's been viewed over 6.5 million times, @beanzalli films from a bit further away while a man comes to terms with losing his precious beer to a cheeky black bear. Meanwhile, the bear makes no attempt to remain polite as he makes his great escape. It's worth watching more than once, trust us! Just be ready for some R-rated language at the beginning of the video. 

We're not sure what's funnier--the fact that the bear chose to steal the drinks specifically, or that literally everyone's main concern is the beer...even the bear! It's safe to say absolutely no F's were given that day. 

As if it were any surprise, the comments section on this video is filled with pure gold. So far, the most popular comment belongs to @dan_k555. "That would be a great beer commercial!" he wrote, and honestly that's a brilliant idea! @Kingofcans316 was even one step ahead with his quip: "Bud Light presents real bear of genius." LMAO! The commercial practically writes itself.

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"I like how he just casually repels down the fence with it in his mouth like 🤷🏼‍♀️," wrote @taco_bella__. Ha! This bear definitely chose nonchalance as his strategy, but it's really his size and strength that's keeping him from being followed. By the sounds of it, the man was quite upset to lose his beer. As @shanethoo pointed out, "You can hear the hurt in his voice 😂." That's right, bear, you better run!

We hope it didn't take long for @beanzalli to restock the fridge after that robbery. At least next time she knows that the barbecue might be "BYOB," as @kevans1111 called it.
"…. Bring your own bear!"

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