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Hungry Bear Steals Family's Tortillas on Tennessee Vacation and We're Here for It

'Hungry as a bear' is a phrase often used to express when someone is very hungry. However, we doubt you've ever been so hungry you stole tortilla wraps off someone's front porch like this bear did!

Recently, @angavila_ posted a video on TikTok of her and her children watching a black bear snoop in the grocery bags they briefly left on their front porch of a Tennessee cabin vacation house. Don't worry, they are safely inside, though their glass doors provided a nose-to-nose view of the theft! Watch the video to see the bear scamper off with his prize.

OMG, this bear is so relatable. Though, in the video, the bear seems to be favoring an injured rear paw, so we're glad he was able to take this easy access food while nursing an injury.

The people in the comments of the video thought this was too funny. @pacificoceanmermaid joked, "At least he has good taste!" and @nisitug said the bear was "probably making quesadillas for dinner!" This bear probably figured it was faster to steal the tortillas than to go all the way to the grocery store for the missing ingredients!

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Others expressed concern for this poor guy. @lillourdesrodriguez1 commented, "He's hurt. Poor baby, give him all the tortillas that he wants," and others said his foaming at the mouth was likely a sign of hunger and stress. Oh no! The account that posted the video left her own comment that said she would be trying to get in touch with a wildlife rescue nearby to get this bear some help, so perhaps he will be getting some help soon.

Hopefully, he is able to recover soon using the healing powers of tortilla wraps!

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