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Bearded Dragon’s Reaction to His First Taste of a Mango Couldn’t Be Sweeter

TikTok user @lizzardlenny is another one of our favorite food reviewers. There's nothing like an honest, well-thought-out review to help you decide whether or not a food is worth tasting. And this Bearded Dragon‘s review on mangoes has us running to the store to buy some.  

In the clip that now has over 5.5 million views, Lenny’s mom is cutting up a mango for him to try for the first time. She lets him take a lick before she dices it up. Lenny knew instantly from the little lick that it was going to be a sweet treat. Watch what he does after getting his very first taste. It’s too cute.

Aww!! He really was saying, ‘I need more of this orangey goodness NOW!” Lenny literally leaped out of his mom’s hand to get his first full nibble. LOL. So cute! And don’t worry, that was not salt she poured on the mango. She said in the comments it’s calcium powder. 

“He’s such a character,” commented @Kaylee Sue Brickey. He really does have a such personality! This is why @Kristen Ashley805’s comment rings true. She said, “The main character 😂.” HA! The main characters do always have the most personality so this adds up. @thestralchestnut said, “He was like ‘Yo! Put me down and let me at it!’ 😂.” No one can keep him from his mango! @Kdawg added, “Hold on” Lenny: “I will NOT.” 

TikTok users love this video, well minus the fact that many are saying she didn’t use a ripe mango. To be fair, she didn’t know! “Y’all!! Clearly, the little lizard baby did NOT care if the mango was ripe! Lol, look at that enjoyment! 🤣,” wrote @Amber McMahon. Right?! He thought it was delicious, anyway.

So, any guesses on what happens when he does try a ripe mango? 

OMG. He didn’t want the treat go at all! Clearly, he didn’t care about what the comments said. Lenny knows how he likes his mangos. That’s that!