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Video of Rescued Beaver Instinctively Building a Dam Captures Our Hearts

All animals have a set of instincts that are unique to their species. These are survival behaviors that they are born knowing and don't have to be taught. One animal wanted to prove she knows how to survive in the wild despite residing in a wildlife rescue facility in this amazing video.

The Newhouse Wildlife Rescue shared a video on their Facebook page of a baby rescue beaver, Nibi, building a dam in the doorway of her rehab room. The rescue said that she was being rewarded with alone time for good behavior toward her new roommate, Ziibi, but after Ziibi left to go to the semi aquatic enclosure, Nibi began to build the dam to keep her from getting back in! Check out the video to see Nibi do her best to get her room.

Wow, this is too funny, and many people seem to agree! This Facebook video has over nine million views and was the subject of an NBC Connecticut news segment. Though, we think we account for most of those views because we can't stop watching!

People in the comments think Nibi is a very smart beaver! Paul Townsend said, "Beavers are beautiful and intelligent animals, and they can actually prevent flooding with the way they build their dams on waterways." Another person, Penny Spencer, commented, "I love this. Their instinct to construct is amazing, wherever they are." Their intelligence is truly marvelous!

Others couldn't believe how cute this scene was. Megan Momenteller commented, "Her happy hop at the end is everything," and Christina Cosetti said, "OMG, her little hop to get more wood is so adorable." We think Nibi is just too stinkin' adorable!

We greatly admire Nibi's efforts to acquire a room to herself and think she had a solid plan. This kind of quick thinking is going to take this little beaver very far in life!

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