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Video of Little Beaver Getting a Grooming Session From Mom Has People Captivated

Hats off to TikTok user @beckybeaverandfriends for her incredible work in saving baby animals. It's a tall task that not everyone can do, but we're so glad she does, along with all the other people in the world who help animals. Not only do they warm our hearts with their service, but they also, oftentimes, teach us something new. 

That's the case with this TikToker's most recent videos. In the clip, she had a little beaver named Ms. Holly sitting on her lap. This critter was in for a grooming session, just like every animal or baby needs. Based on Ms. Holly's reaction and noises, we'd say she's never been groomed before. Plus, who knew beavers made this sound? You'll be instantly hooked!  

Stop it! We can't handle all this cuteness! You could just tell how much Ms. Holly was loving this grooming session. She's probably feeling how we do when we get out hair brushed or washed at a salon. Full-on relaxation! "Can't help but fall in love with her," commented @GratefulGenX. SAME! We didn't know we needed a baby beaver as a pet until this video. 

You can tell Ms. Holly is enjoying herself by not only her looking up at momma, but also because of those sweet, tiny sounds. "I had no idea they sounded like this! 😳 it's adorable," commented @jaderade777. Right?! But trust us, you aren't the only one who didn't know beavers sounded like this. Several TikTokers didn't know either. That includes us too! "I was today years old when I realized beavers make the cutest sounds," added @co0kiecrumbles. Better late than never finding out about these precious beaver sounds! 

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@kal_el58 wrote, "She gonna build you a log cabin as a thank you 😅." Aww, we totally believe that too! It's the least the TikToker deserves for all her work on saving baby animals.

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