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Video of Dog Heading to Her First 'Therapy Assignment' Is Just Way Too Good

Everyone gets nervous on their first day of work. You're in an unfamiliar space with new faces and a whole new system you need to tackle. So don't be hard on yourself when the first-day nerves come out. The nice thing to know is that we've all been there before. How do you tackle those nerves though? We say it's time to take a page from TikTok doggo @clever.bella.doodle's book. 

This therapy dog named Bella looks like a pro when it comes to the first-day jitters. In her most recent clip, Bella was on her way to her first-ever appointment as a therapy dog. That didn't scare her though! She's sitting in the passenger seat, eyes straight ahead as if she's done this 100 times before. You'll be wanting her confidence as soon as you watch this clip!  

Aww! She's laser-focused, ready to go on her first day. You can just tell how prepared she is too. You're probably wondering like we were how on earth does she seem to know where she's going? Apparently, her owner talked to her and explained the importance of her job. LOL! No wonder she's so concentrated. And there's no doubt in our minds that everyone at her new job is going to love her! commented, "Focused! She knows she will make a huge difference!" We hope she knows that! Her work is truly something special and helps so many people. So thank you, Bella! "She is adorable. They are lucky to have her," added @sabakamama28. Ain't that the truth! 

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"Congratulations! That's so exciting hope it was amazing!" said @Charlotte Ford551. We seriously can't wait to hear more updates from Bella's first day, even though we know she probably rocked it!

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