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Bengal Cat Tags Along for a Bike Ride in Video We Can't Resist

When you think about animals loving the wind in their fur, you usually think of a dog, right? Well, Professor Pouncey the Bengal cat is here to remind you that felines love that feeling, too. He tagged along on his dad's bike ride recently, and the result is just too sweet.

On his TikTok account, @professor_pouncey, this stunning boy already boasts 4.1 million followers, but we're sure he got more after posting this sweet video. You can say this was one popular bike ride!

We were so surprised at how much energy this cat had, but then we remembered that he's a Bengal. How his dad managed to keep him from jumping out of the basket we have no idea! @_rexklaw_ noticed that "he leans so far forward." It makes us so nervous, but clearly, this cat dad knows what he's doing.

"He is always so sassy," said commenter @bestdressedbarbie. We can definitely tell! From his genuine curiosity to his inability to sit still, this guy is all personality. And we wouldn't have it any other way!

"You should get a mini umbrella to attach to the basket for when it starts raining," suggested @sofia_23.11. We're sure Pouncey would appreciate that so much! We also loved @minameizg's idea also, because nothing is more important than safety. "I prefer a full cover basket for a pet," she said, "and it's gooddd to have collar and leash on them." Better safe than sorry, after all! 

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