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Mama Bengal Cat Lovingly Guards Her Baby in Video That's Impossible to Resist

Our timelines are blowing up with users responding to the question, "Which TikTok you have made has the most views?" But we don't mind! We have to say that this might be the greatest TikTok trend ever since we get to see amazing animal content all over again! And this one from @albedobengals is no exception. 

The most viral video for this TikTok user is of a mama Bengal Cat. The adorable cat is laying down for what looks like nap time, but it's way more than that! She looks over at the owner when asked to see the baby. Slowly but surely, the Bengal cat gets up to reveal the most adorable thing ever.

Aww! Now we know why this was the creator's most viral video with over 2.2 million views. It's absolutely precious! The mama is meowing as if she's trying to tell us to be quiet because her kitten is sleeping. LOL. But also, she looks so proud of her baby. 

"My heart just melted. What a beautiful girl she is and I'm sure a perfect mumma. ❤️ Her chatting is too cute!!" wrote @L McL. From this video alone, we know she's a great mama. She was so gentle when showing off the baby, but she was also making sure that she could still protect the little thing. She even kept her meows soft so the baby wouldn't wake up! We think she's got this whole motherhood thing down.

@Mary Jackson3546 added, "Awwww her meow is just too precious. l love her!" We all love her and how could you not, she's just too cute! "Absolutely beautiful and stunning cat and kitten," wrote @Jane Edwards. We know this video is older and it's a little late, but we hope this sweet and tired mom had a wonderful Mother's Day. And hopefully, her kittens spoiled her all day long!