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Bengal Cat's Sweet Meeting With a Newfoundland Is Making People Smile

You never know when your pet is going to make a friend — even if it seems super unlikely. Just like a Bengal cat named Ace (@acethebengall) who recently made friend with a humongous Newfoundland dog. Thank goodness it was caught on camera and now people all over the internet are cheering. 

As can be seen elsewhere on his page, Ace loves dogs. Strange, right? So it stands to reason that he wasn't even remotely afraid when he saw the Newfie coming down the street. 

The footage shows the two having a real moment with each other. "Cat meets BIG dog," the video's onscreen caption reads. "It smells like UP dog…" the caption jokes. You know — what's up dog? Oh darn it! 

With over 1.4 million views, people on the internet were so charmed. "The dog is drooling over the cat," @keepitmoving313 pointed out, before adding the crying-laughing emoji. "And the dog is like, euhm, what is this please?" @kutyacentrum joked. "They’re both so calm and well behaved. The cat looked very interested in the drool," @mullix noted. "What beautiful cat and sweetheart of a dog," @karribert chimed in. 

We just love seeing this fearless cat making friends with other animals. Here's hoping these two will be best friends for life.

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