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Bernese Mountain Dog's Reaction to Meeting Bengal Kitten Captures Our Hearts

There's always been a rumor that cats and dogs don't get along. But video of a Bernese Mountain Dog and Bengal cat meeting for the very first time is proof that friendship can blossom even in the most unlikely places. 

Rosie, the dog, and Reiki, the cat, could not be more different from each other. There's the whole size issue (for one thing), but Rosie seems like such a gentle giant while Reiki is young and curious. When the two met it wasn't exactly love at first sight — more like straight-up confusion. We can practically see the gears in Rosie's head turning while she tries to figure out what this strange new creature is. "When Rosie met Reiki," the caption on @lauram92's video reads. 

The comments section was cracking up over Rosie's expression while Reiki "introduced" herself. "The look of total fear on the dog," @wolfgirl1984 teased. "Mom? Did you forget to tell me something?" @ottofish20mom teased. While another commenter, @browncountypark seemed to sum up the whole interaction in a few words: "Who are you?! I am asking you the same question, whoooooo are you?!" they joked. 

But even though things had a rocky start, Rosie and Reiki eventually got used to each other. In another update on their mom's page, she showed the two new fur siblings getting along with each other. "Are they best friends yet?" one commenter had asked her. To which the TikTok creator responded with footage of Rosie and Reiki chilling together. Rosie even gives Reiki some boops on her rear! 

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So there you have it — a cat and dog that are truly BFFs.

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