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Dog's Reaction to Being Caught Red-Handed With the Garbage Makes Us LOL

Dogs are notorious for getting their noses into things they aren't supposed to. If they think they can get away with it, dogs will continue to snoop even after they have been scolded and told to stay away. One dog was testing his luck when his mom caught him with a piece of garbage after she had already taken it away several times before!

TikTok user @goofymooseygoosey recently shared a video of their Bernese Mountain Dog, Moose, holding a piece of garbage and licking his lips. The text on the video reveals his mom had already taken this piece of garbage away from him six times! Check out the video to see Moose's reaction to being caught red-handed!

LOL, this pup does not look bothered one bit. He seems to be telling his mom that her efforts to keep him from munching on this piece of trash are futile.

The people in the comments think Moose's reaction is too funny. @thebennetter said, "That’s the look of someone who is proud and nervous at the same time," and @user6996505971474 commented, "LOL the look on the dog's face, like he doesn’t know what you're talking about." It seems like Moose is going stick by his belief that he should be allowed to keep the garbage!

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Others found Moose's behavior very similar to their own Berners. @alexaedmeades commented, "I feel this in my soul. My Berner knows no consequence," and @bigcitybernie said, "LOL, I've never related so hard to something." It seems like Bernese Mountain Dogs have a tendency to be mischievous little trouble makers!

Moose is keeping that piece of garbage secure and clutched tightly in his paws, and he'll be sure to put up a fight if his mom tries to take it from him again!

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