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Bernese Mountain Dog Is The Hype Man We All Need Today

If you need a totally happy video that will make you have an awesome day then @TheBernerbunch has you covered. Well, except the ending of the sound bite because we have no idea what that's about but we are totally feeling every other part of this! Life can be hard and we all need a big boost every now and again, so consider Weller you're very own hype man.

This video is hysterically funny and just watch it and wait for the wink....

LOL! We love it! Thank you, Weller. The watchers of this post are here for it, with @LukiPookie posting, "This... is everything." @Winstonandbuddy are into this too, adding "We needed this message." @Meli agrees adding, "Pretty sure this is my favorite thing I've ever seen." Us too! 

Why do we suddenly feel so pumped up and that we can accomplish anything? Why are our egos suddenly totally inflated? Why are we admiring our butts in the mirror? This is all thanks to Weller and this awesome hype video! 

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