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Bernese Mountain Dog's Gentle Response to Meeting Little Girl Is Too Sweet

It's not secret that Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their Gentle Giant reputation, but this friendly girl takes it to the next level. Brue and her family were running errands at The Home Depot when she locked eyes with a new friend, and what happened next was too cute.

Her mama posted the heartwarming interaction on her TikTok, @grizzly.bane, and we can't stop watching. We just adore the way Brue and the little girl bond immediately--it's almost magical! Everyone involved is all smiles throughout the meeting, and you will be too when you see these two become besties. 

We, too, would stop what we're doing to give that floofy girl some ear scratches, but how sweet is it that Brue's mama invited the girl to pet her? Commenter @.d1x1e._.d00 noticed that, too, and thought about how much Brue must appreciate the extra attention. "You're so nice 🥺," they wrote. "That dog is extremely lucky." We're sure the girl felt like the lucky one with Brue and her German Shepherd brother in front of her. We certainly would--just look at all the fluff!

"i wanna hug her 😭 i feel like it would solve all of my problems," @ranipatel578 said. Honestly, it probably would. The little girl seems over-the-moon about meeting her new friend--who wouldn't want that?

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As @yeetyyas commented, "Berners are the best" for so many reasons. Despite their large size and hearty reputation, this breed is immensely loving and gentle. "My Newfie will lay on the ground when saying hi to kids," dog owner @klr0508 chimed in. "Never taught him to do it. He does it all on his own." What a good dog--just like Brue!

This video wouldn't be truly complete without some love and pets for Brue's brother, Bane. In fact, this gorgeous guy got his own video! 

Good boy, Bane! You and your sister are two Gentle Giants in every sense of the word. 

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