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Bernese Mountain Dog's Gentle Interaction With a Toad Is Just the Best

Dogs are always so curious. They always want to poke, prod, and investigate things they don't understand. This is probably why video of a Bernese Mountain Dog meeting a toad for the first time is just so adorable. You can totally tell he's taking it all in.

Weller seemed confused but excited when he came across the toad recently. The rescue just happened to be captured in a video on his TikTok page @thebernerbunch — and boy oh boy is the video cute! The footage shows Weller checking the toad out, or as the video's text overlay states, he was "doin' a big snifferoo." The pup still seemed a little unsure at what he was looking at, but what he did next was pretty darn hilarious. 

The dog gave him one big "BOOP." Too cute! "I think he loves me," the video's text overlay reads. 

With over 240,000 viewers, people were cracking up. "The *boop* killed me, "@franziluft wrote. "That frog has just been given the biggest and best boop of its life," @snail_that_likes_pans quipped. "Top notch investimigation there friend," @ajax_almighty joked. "The pant after was my favorite part. Like he's like OK job done," @tillylite teased. 

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The toad wasn't the only one whom Weller had a positive impact on. The dog has been such a good big brother to his foster fur-brother Shadow, as another video on his page shows. "Things my dog has taught our other dog," the video's caption states. This includes leaning how to work those puppy dog eyes, how to play with sticks, and so much more!

"All very important lessons," the video's caption reads. Yep, we'd have to agree.

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