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Photos of Bernese Mountain Dog Being a 'Perfect Gentleman' at Parents' Wedding Are So Irresistible

There are many moving pieces to a wedding. Even more so if you want to have your pet be a part of your big day. So many people are too scared to have their dog in their ceremony, but one woman on TikTok is showing exactly why you should make it happen. 

The mom made her case on her pup's page, @goodboywillard — and yep, we could totally see how this makes sense. "Wedding pup!" the video's caption states. 

The footage shows the cutest footage of Willard the Bernese Mountain Dog. And in the text overlay the mom explained what people warned her while planning her wedding. "Don't have your dog in your wedding! He'll just be in the way!" But the joke was on them. He was the "perfect fluffy gentleman," his owner wrote. You have to see the photos from the wedding!

The comments section was so happy that the owner made sure to include their fur-baby. "You can't let the best family member be at home for such an event, of course they need to be there," @rawritzmaxi wrote. "We did this for my sisters wedding with our senior Bernese mix and he was such a good boy," @111lia1111 shared. "My sisters pug was the flower girl at her wedding," @_burger_boss_77 chimed in. 

But we love what one commenter wrote: "That's not the best man. That's the best boy!" @ittvx chimed in. So true!

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