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Video of Two Long-lost Besties Bernies Reuniting Is Filled With Cuteness

There are plenty of dogs who go without seeing their best friends for some time. That could be because their parents decide to move or go on vacation. Or maybe more recently the pandemic caused limitations on playdates. Whatever the case may be, it's very sad because we know the feeling too. At least when you see your bestie again it's always oh so sweet. That's why one Bernese Mountain Dog momma decided to film the reunion.

This mom was taking her dog named Mack to see his best friend for the first time in ages. She arrived at the park and told Mack someone was coming to meet him. He kept looking around until finally, his bestie Bow pops around the corner. Immediate mood booster for both of them! This amazing reunion between Mack and Bow has over 2.2 million views and 296.3K likes on TikTok account @macktheberner

Aww! How sweet is this?! They spotted each other from across the field and instantly bolted. There was no time to waste! They haven't seen each other in forever and they didn't want to waste another second. 

"It's the way they both go bounding back to Mumma like, 'MUM LOOK WHO IT IS,'" commented @Lauren Simmonds. The creator responded by saying, "They go to opposite mummas to say hi to them too." Stop it, too cute! They probably missed all the snuggles they got from the other mom! "Love the way he ran back to tell you what is happening," added @hello1o1o. He needed to check with mom to make sure it was really happening! 

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No matter how many times we watch this clip, we can't get enough of it. Not only is the reunion adorable, but their running is the cutest! @thunderzchild said, "I’m not crying… you’re crying. ❤️ This is the sweetest video❤️." We hope all long-lost, furry besties get to have a reunion like this one day!

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