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Bernese Mountain Puppy's Adoration for Baby Is Impossible to Resist

Every single time we see a video of a dog and a baby it makes us so jealous. And how can you not be? It makes us want a baby and a dog to be best friends in our house because it's just so dang cute! 

One of the most recent clips we've seen of a dog and baby comes from TikTok user @bernerteddy. A little boy was sitting down on the floor next to a Bernese Mountain puppy. And well, the puppy couldn't get over the baby. The reaction between both the puppy and baby is seriously impossible to resist!

O.M.G. Seriously though, does it get any cuter than this?! The two of them are already best friends. A beautiful friendship that will only get stronger every single day. And the best part? The Bernese Mountain Dog is just a puppy. So these two will have forever with each other! 

TikTok user @piscesmoon4eva commented, "My fave kind of videos." SAME! We can't help but smile every single time we see similar clips. We don't care if we see a thousand of these videos, we'll love them all! "My heart just melted," added @kimberlykerley. As did ours! And most likely as did everyone's hearts! 

"Way too cute. Not sure who is happier in this video," wrote @scorps33. Right!? They're both gleaming with pure joy and that is just making our entire week! We'll be needing more content and videos of these two ASAP!


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