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Bernese Mountain Dog's Graduation From Puppy Class Annoucement Is Priceless

Everyone likes to celebrate their accomplishments. When you work hard to achievement something, it's nice to be recognized by your friends and family for your effort. One pup had a recent achievement that she was very proud of, and she got the celebration she deserved in this can't miss video!

TikTok user @katealexandra67 recently shared a video of her Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Tash, who had just completed her level one puppy training class. In the video, one of the employees makes an announcement about Tash's accomplishment over the store's loudspeaker to celebrate the moment. How sweet! Check out the video to see Tash's reaction to her graduation.

Awww, congratulations Tash! This pup was just so proud of herself and was thrilled to hear everyone in the store cheering for her accomplishments. This moment is just the cutest.

People in the comments couldn't get enough of this adorable pup. @natalieweaver_ said, "OMG, this is the cutest thing ever! She is so proud of herself, you can tell LOL." Another user, @arnb134, commented, "Cutest thing I’ve seen today. Well done pup!" This video is so precious that we can't stop watching it!

Others were very proud of Tash's great achievement. @christine20004 commented, "What a good girl! Where's her diploma and treats!" and @kybryyy said, "I would be clapping and hollering in the back of the store!" Tash's graduation is certainly one to be celebrated to the fullest extent possible!

We just love how proud Tash was of herself and can tell she had some great support from her parents and others in the store. Next stop for Tash: puppy college!

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