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Bernese Mountain Puppy's Tiny 'Lululemon' Backpack Is As Extra As It Gets

Are you really, truly ready for a trip to the park without your backpack of essentials? (Hint: the answer is no!) Even this pup understands the importance of packing well, and now he's ready to show off his mini Lululemon backpack. If you ask us, he's rocking it!

The precious moment from @chonktheberner's TikTok account is the stuff of dreams, and you'll be delighted to know you can make your own dream come true! The backpack he's wearing is available from Lululemon, so your pup can carry their own poop bags, too. Only then will we be able to ask: who wore it best? Your pup, or Chonk?

Isn't that just the cutest thing you've ever seen? Oh, yeah, and the backpack is really cool, too! We think almost anything will look fashionable AF on a cutie pie like Chonk, but when you find something that's both fashionable and functional, it's even more impressive. 

"Lululemon looks better on this dog than it ever will on me 😂," @thelucysummers commented on the video. Same here, girl! Still, we'd be oh-so-tempted to find a matching backpack for ourselves. We'll never miss a chance to match with our pup!

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It's hard to remember just how small this backpack really is when it's already on a small Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Just like @camigardell pointed out,  "when he is fully grown this will look hilarious on him lmao." We can't wait for those updates when the time comes! 

Until then, we'll just sit back and enjoy the floofy puppy antics from Chonk and his mama. No complaints here! 

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