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Video of Bernese Mountain Puppy Waiting for the Rain to Stop Couldn't Be More Precious

A rainy day can be a bummer for sure, but when it comes to our pets a rainy day can really mess with their walk schedule. It's true! Just take a look at one Bernese Mountain Dog on TikTok (@stantheman_dog), who was clearly dying to go to the park, but had to wait until the rain stopped. 

Stanley is a 13-week-old dog who hail from Melbourne, Australia, and seemed truly pained when he had to stay in the car while it poured outside. See for yourself in the video below!

"Waiting for the rain to stop so we can go to the park," the video's text overlay reads. "Just want to run around at the park but mum forgot my raincoat!" the caption states. "So close yet so far," it adds. Next time bring a raincoat, Mom!

The video has since been watched over 295,000 times. The comments section was positively swooning over the moody pup. "So cute sitting up so tall and watching what’s happening," @maddieplum commented. "Mom... If I chomp all the waters we can go play," @allie.1980 joked. "Lmao I’d let the door open and let him have atter!!! Lol I’d run crazy with him too jumping in the puddles!" @lxlitahorror teased. "Bernese are just too cute to be true," @beacmagalhaes wrote.

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Here's hoping they had the best walk ever after the rain stopped.

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