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This Sweet Guy Totally Deserves The 'Cat Dad of the Year' Award

Our moms always told us (and this goes for dudes too!) that you should never date anyone who is unkind to kids, old people, waitstaff or animals. It's such a simple rule but it's so true! That's why when we see a video like TikTok user and cat dad @Deylanbuntyn our hearts just melt. 

Just look at how much this guy loves his cats! This video is beyond cute. 

LOL, so sweet. The funniest part is Deylan has a mess of ladies up in his comments giving their opinion on him. @Victoriabutler posts, "Takes a strong man to be this kind and sensitive." Indeed! @Akcrucial posts, "I’d like to state for the record once more that there is nothing on earth more pure than a burly dude loving his cats." @Lisaaconnelly has zero chill and just types, "I want a man like this in my life a big hunk who loves cats."  @Cherisarampee joins the no chill club with "Just the way he rubs the top of his cats head. If I put on a cat costume, could you do that to me? Lol." 

Settle down ladies! We have no clue if Deylan is single but what we do know is that he's an amazing cat dad! 

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