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Video of Bichon Frisé Brothers 'Having a Fight' Like Human Kids Has Us in Stitches

As much as you want them to, sometimes your fur-kids just don't get along. Hey, it happens to all siblings at one point or another! Very rarely do we get these squabbles on camera, but thank goodness one dog mom did. Because watching her two Bichon Frisé pups fight each other like human brothers is just too cute. 

Lilian Preyes (@lilianpreyes) certainly had her hands full when she noticed that her two dogs were fighting. Look at how much 'tude her dog was giving his brother.

"When you just had a fight with your brother and you don't know how to fix it," the onscreen caption reads. Preyes kept panning the camera from one dog to the other. One of the dogs is absolutely ticked! 

The video has since been watched over 970,000 times and people in the comments section were dying over her dog's angry expression. "Brother on the chair is like don’t you dare come up here with mommy and I," @tooblessedtobestressed_ joked. "Brother on the floor is sorry and wants to make amends. Brother on the couch is sick and tired of brother on the floor," @patriciawebster3 added. "Brother on the couch is ready to throw them paws," @virgohon3y teased.

Here's hoping that mom was able to keep the two apart until things calmed down.

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