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Bidens Welcome Willow, the White House Cat

The Biden administration announced Friday, January 28 that the first family has officially adopted Willow, a tabby farm cat from Pennsylvania.

During a campaign stop in 2020, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden was on stage speaking when she was unexpectedly interrupted by a short-haired, grey-and-white-striped tabby cat with green eyes. The cat, who jumped onto the stage to greet the soon-to-be FLOTUS, was from a Pennsylvania farm, and its owner could instantly sense the bond between the young tabby and Dr. Biden.

The Biden administration has just made an official announcement that the first family has adopted the now-two-year-old feline. Dr. Biden has christened the cat "Willow" after her hometown of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Willow is currently settling into the busy White House atmosphere with a host of toys, treats, and plenty of room for exploration.

Willow comes as the newest in a long line of White House felines, and the first since George W. Bush's cat India strolled the West Wing in the mid-2000s. Before India, the Clintons' cat Socks was a bit of a media darling, with his likeness hosting the kids' version of the White House website, having a photo session in the White House briefing room, and even inspiring a never-released Super Nintendo game where he was, strangely enough, the protagonist.

The White house's history of house cats actually goes back as far as Abraham Lincoln, who was gifted two cats—Tabby and Dixie—by his Secretary of State, William H. Seward. Another remarkable cat was Rutherford. B. Hayes's cat Siam, who was actually the very first Siamese cat in the United States.

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