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Viral Video of the ‘Biggest Horse on TikTok’ Has People Totally Obsessed

We've seen some big horses in our day. And then there's Big John, whose massive size has people on TikTok absolutely shook. The Belgian horse who hails from Charlottesville, VA went viral for a video showing off his large size — and he's definitely earned a fan or two. 

With over 6 million views, the horse made a mammoth impression in a recent video shared on the @ohkaytacos TikTok page. "While there are many 'big horses' on TikTok...there's no one who compares to the king!" the video's onscreen text reads. If you don't believe us, the caption states that "Wearing a size 100" blanket, he's almost two feet longer than a king size bed shoulder to rump." John is about 6'8" or "20 hands" tall and is "one of the biggest horses in the world," the caption reads. Check out Big John's large stature in the video below. 

Big John has won over so many people on TikTok. "I just wanna give him a hug," @keepinitwheezy wrote. "Hail the king, Big John!!! Such a handsome sweetheart," @joseykerr1990 praised. "Every other horse must feel small next to him," @sarah_collection4books teased. 

And another commenter seemed perplexed. "I’ve followed you for a while and am just really getting this. My doors in my house are 6’8” tall. That’s his SHOULDERS?!? Or is that a typo?" @here4theseashanties asked. But nope. No typos here.

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Big John was rescued over a year ago and now lives at Colby's Crew Rescue with his girlfriend Stardust. We love knowing that he's living a royally good life. Long live the king! 

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