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Video of Blind Rescue Dog Enjoying the 'Biggest Puppuccino' at Starbucks Is Simply the Best

When TikTok creator @rescuejoe brought a blind puppy named Willie to get a puppuccino, he really meant business. He asked for the "biggest puppuccino" possible for his good boy. And the response from the Starbucks employees to the request is the best thing ever. 

Not only was it most certainly the largest puppuccino that Willie's ever had — it was also his first! "I just need the biggest puppuccino you've got," @rescuejoe said as he got to the drive thru window. 

The workers were so excited when they saw Willie. "Look at him!" one exclaimed. "Thank you so much for bringing him here," she added. They also totally delivered on their promise and gave Willie a HUGE treat. The TikToker also mentioned that Willie is available for adoption, which is good news if you're looking to expand your home.

People in the comments section were in love with Willie. "Please let someone kind and gentle adopt this precious Angel," @yvettetwo_ begged. "Awww Willie, your first deserve it. Praying that Willie will get a loving family," @nezipooh added. "Someone take this angel and give him the amazing home he deserves," @sageblaze1 urged.

If you'd like to apply to adopt Willie, more information can be found on the Rocky Kanaka website. Let's get this good boy adopted!

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