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Bindi Irwin's Photo of Injured Kangaroo Comes With a Word of Warning

As animal lovers, it is always a heartbreaking moment to drive past animals that have been victims of cars in the side of the road. Luckily, there are wildlife conservationists and veterinarians who are dedicated to helping animals that have been injured in car accidents, just like this Instagram user who recently shared an important post to raise awareness about animal injuries caused by cars.

On Instagram, Bindi Irwin, daughter of famous deceased wildlife explorer Steve Irwin, recently shared a post about a baby kangaroo named Velvet that is receiving care for injuries sustained by being hit by a car. In the post, Irwin pleads for drivers to slow down and be careful of wildlife on the move. Check out the photo and caption to see the sweet kangaroo while she recovers and read Irwin's full message.

Wow, we feel so sorry for Velvet! Irwin says that many native wildlife species are on the move at dawn and dusk, so it's important to slow down to allow for more time to hit the breaks and prevent harming these animals. We all must do our part to preserve wildlife!

People in the comments are praising Irwin's message and her work with wildlife conservation. @sleepingbeautykitty3 said, "I’m glad Velvet is getting better. Thank you for helping her recover from her injuries." Another user, @sc25or6to4, commented, "Thank you for taking care of the animals!" We just love the incredible work Irwin and her coworkers are doing to protect these animals!

Others are wishing Velvet a quick and full recovery. @rosiecheeks1019 commented, "Awwww lil' thing. Speedy recovery to the joey!" and @whitpatti said, "Sweetheart! You are in such loving hands! I hope you feel better soon!" We're so glad Velvet was rescued and is receiving such great treatment from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital—only the best is acceptable for such a sweet and cute animal!

Irwin has a large social media following, so her message will likely reach a broad audience. We hope everyone who sees the post takes her warning to heart and drives more contentiously when wild animals may be present. We don't want any other animals to suffer like Velvet!

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