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Bird Sweetly Enjoys His First Bath After Coming Home From 'Petco'

We tend to forget about how lucky we are and we're all guilty of it. We need to start appreciating the little things. Something as simple as taking a bath. After watching this video from TikTok birdy @kippertheconure, we sure as heck won't take it for granted again. 

This TikTok creator recently bought Kipper the Conure bird from Petco. The whole account is dedicated to Kipper and we're absolutely in love. The one video that captured our hearts is Kipper taking his first bath since coming home. It's truly a joy to watch! Plus, it's a reminder to enjoy the little things in life. 

Stop it! Our hearts can't handle all this cuteness. Kipper is the sweetest little birdie we've ever seen. And now he's the cleanest bird too! We absolutely lost it when he was done with the bath. He was a full on fluff ball! SO cute! 

"You can tell how happy he is," said @artdrix. You really can! He's probably been dreaming about a bath ever since getting to Petco. And don't worry Kipper, there's plenty more where that came from! @tillyxluna added, "The happy bath chirps." We'd gladly listen to those chiprs all day long!

This is one of Kipper's first videos on TikTok and let's just say users are obsessed. @grey.the.hyena wrote, "I just recently followed and absolutely cannot WAIT to see this journey unfold." SAME! We just know Kipper is going to love his new home. @user556121072669 added, "I hope every video of Kipper ALWAYS comes on my FYP." We're here for KipperTok and nothing else!


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