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Cat's Reaction to Bird Blocking the Cat Door Is All Too Adorable

Cats and birds are commonly known to be natural enemies, à la Sylvester and Tweety in Looney Tunes. Cats will often go after birds when they are nearby, and birds will do their best to avoid cats as much as possible. A recent video going viral on TikTok shows that not all cats and birds got the message about the relationship dynamic between their species.

TikTok user recently shared a video of the interaction between their cat, Minus, and a local bird. In the video, a bird is sitting in the entryway of Minus's cat door, and this kitty's reaction is not what you'd expect! Check out the video to see how Minus tried to solve this dilemma.

OMG, too cute! Minus is such a sweet and gentle cat, and that bird was not bothered by the situation at all. Most people would expect Minus to act more aggressively toward the bird and for the bird to be more nervous around the cat, but this was not the case at all. Quite the role reversal!

People in the comments found this hilarious and couldn't believe the power dynamics at play here. @fawixfa said, "I think that bird is bullying that cat," and @goosepuncher commented, "That bird just stared death in the face and laughed." This bird has been around the block a few times and is not afraid of some silly cat!

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Others loved how polite and sweet Minus was with this bird. @cj_198800 commented, 'The cat was so polite about it. The gentle nudge of its paw and with the attitude of “excuse me sir, you're in my way."' Another user, @viralium, said, "I just watched a cat pet a bird. My life is now complete." This unusual interaction really does feel like a once in a lifetime experience!

Never fear readers, Minus got inside eventually. His mom said she carried him in through the human door after this video, and the bird continued his job as cat door bouncer for about 20 more minutes before flying off. We wonder when his next shift will be.

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