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Video of Little Bird Claiming Kitten As Her Own Gives Us All the Feels

Nothing is more delightful than duos of unlikely friends. When two animals are usually at odds with each other, but, in an unusual occurrence, turn out to be pals, it is so heartwarming! One duo that would usually resemble the relationship Tweety and Sylvester Pussycat in Looney Tunes are choosing friendship instead, which we get a glimpse of in one recent TikTok.

TikTok user @friendsfurrever recently shared a video of her Tortoiseshell kitten and bird, Chicken, becoming friends. Previously, Chicken had been friends with another family cat who recently passed away. With the addition of a new feline family member, Chicken knew exactly what she needed to do: befriend the new cat! Check out the video to see how Chicken snuck her way into this new kitten's heart.

OMG, this is too adorable! The way Chicken nestles in close to the new kitty, and in return, the kitten rests her head on Chicken. We are amazed by the love already brewing between these two!

People in the comments are amazed by this duo! @ilke.fotos said, 'The little peep when the cat lays on him. He’s like, “Mom, look! Look! Do you see!” So cute!' and @rebeccamoyart, said, "Next level precious! Straight out of a Disney movie. So sweet." We could watch this video a hundred times and never get tired of it!

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Others imaged Chicken was adopting this kitten as her surrogate child and @clockwatcher22 commented what he imaged Chicken was thinking: "This is my child. Its feathers are wrong and it has too many legs, but I love it." Another user, @jessflowin777, said Chicken seems to have developed a pattern: "At least you know the first time wasn’t a fluke! Maybe this is the birdie's calling?" It seems like Chicken is a very loving bird and accepting of all, even her natural predators!

We hope Chicken will be companions with this kitten for a long time. After the passing of her previous cat, we're glad she found a new friend to care for and cuddle with!

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