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Video of Bird Dancing Along to 'Blurred Lines' Is a Whole Vibe

TikTok is a beautiful app because it has introduced us to so many incredibly talented people and quite honestly, pets. Who knew pets could do so many tricks or that birds had so many words? We would've never known that if it weren't for this app. 

A recent clip from TikTok user @djskorpios, which brought in over 4.5 million views in just a couple of days, has once again blown us away with what pets can do. Someone suggested putting on the song 'Blurred Lines' because it was their bird's favorite song. And well, safe to say it's now this Cockatoo's favorite song. 

O.M.G. This is by far our favorite clip we've seen! We just love how this sweet little bird was dancing to the beat. You can see how happy she was dancing. And our hearts just melted because she wanted him to dance with her. Sooo cute! 

"Vibe changed as soon as you started dancing. Adorable," said @raysweirfarm. She was having fun, but in the end, she knew she just needed her favorite dance partner. And we get it. Dancing is way better with friends! 

"Am I the only one bobbin' my head along with her?" asked @Vindictive_tiffy. No, you absolutely are not the only one! We have a feeling this song will make a comeback thanks to this clip. @nthnc6 added, "Lost it when she started strutting toward the camera!!" SAME! She's clearly feeling herself in this song. LOL! 


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