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Bird's Jealous Reaction to Mom Cuddling With the Cat Has TikTok Cracking Up

Everyone gets a little bit jealous sometimes—it's only natural, especially when someone you love is giving someone else attention. This is common with children when you are constantly competing with each other for mom's attention. This is the case for animal siblings as well, based on one viral video of a jealous bird and an indignant cat.

TikTok user @jenniferplenge recently shared a video of her bird, Tiki, and her cat competing for her attention. Check out the video to see what Tiki did when he saw his feline sibling hogging all of mom's love!

OMG, this is too funny. Tiki is one jealous birdy, and he made sure to squeeze himself right between Mom and the cat so he could steal the kisses and cuddles she was giving the kitty. Tiki wanted his mom to share the love!

People in the comments felt sorry that Tiki was left out of the cuddles initially. @arabellablak said, "He wants to cuddle. You're making him feel left out!" and @ahsashs commented, "If you don't let him in the cuddle puddle now!" Including your furry and feathered siblings in your cuddle sessions is is of the utmost importance!

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Others felt bad that the kitty was having his cuddles interrupted. @paulinegolden commented, "The poor cat, he’s like everyone stop talking I’m trying to go to sleep…" and @singerdudemichael said, 'The cat is like, "I've about had enough of this."' This kitty was resting peacefully in his momma's and suddenly Tiki showed up and started chirping away!

We think the perfect solution here is for Mom to lay on her back and use one arm to cuddle Tiki and the other to cuddle the kitty. This way, there are cuddles for everyone and the cat doesn't have to tolerate Tiki chirping in his ear. Everyone wins!

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