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Video of Bird Who Loves to Draw on His iPad Has People Mesmerized

Every pet has a favorite hobby--even if it's just napping--but this adorable blue budgie prefers to draw on his iPad. Yep, you read that correctly! @Kyras.creatures' bird, Beamr, loves to perch on his human's hand and help her color in line drawings on a tablet. It's just as cute as it sounds, and it makes the perfect ASMR video for anyone who enjoys getting the tingles from tapping sounds.

We could seriously watch this bird color for hours. His color selections and brush choices are very intentional and fun, but his gentle movements are so relaxing to watch. It's no wonder why this channel already has nearly 50 thousand followers!

You just have to watch Beamr color in this dragon his owner drew!

What a talented artist! We would frame and display his artwork if it were up to us, but we suppose iPad drawings will have to do for now. After all, he is amazing at them!

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There was one detail in particular that had viewers like @beetle.bugzzz raving. "HE HAS HIS OWN SIGNATURE!" Beamr's owner replied that she'd tried to draw his footprint as his signature since there's no way to make a real footprint on the iPad. So cute!

"Does this damage the iPad screen just wondering?" asked @m0sa1c..z. That's a valid question! Thankfully, we didn't have to be left thinking about it for long. "Not at all!" Kyra replied. "He’s not tapping very hard. I use my stylus to draw on the screen harder than he taps lol."

Wait--does this budgie's beak actually register on the iPad screen? @X.furr had the same question we did, and the poster replied, "He actually uses his tounge! His beak doesn’t activate the screen at all." We were right! If anything, that makes this talent even more impressive. 

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