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Little Bird Who Meows Just Like a Cat Is Impossible to Resist

As pet owners, it's our job to make sure our animals are feeling their best. We give them the proper food, exercise and all the love they could ever want. But no matter how much we care for them, sometimes they get sick, just like kids. It happens! That's why it's best to turn to the vet and get them back to feeling 100%, even if they're just pulling our leg. It's better safe than sorry! 

Parrot parents, known on TikTok as @jmaardema, noticed their bird wasn't acting quite himself. In fact, he was actually acting like a cat. Lol yes, we know it sounds weird. But what else is one to do? Their feathered baby was meowing for crying out loud! Now, that's unusual and of course, deserves a trip to the vet. You'd do the same when you hear how realistic this bird sounds! 

LMAO! We've seen talking and singing birds before, that's not odd of the blue. But this, now this is new! A meowing bird. We're in love! And don't worry, there's nothing wrong with the bird. The vet thinks the bird's previous owner had a cat and the bird learned to mimic it. LOL! 

"Look, I am his lawyer and he is just bilingual," commented @ohheymegan. LOL! You heard it here first. He's not manipulating them for attention whatsoever! Instead, he's just the first bilingual bird. At least we think so! Other TikTokers believe he's using this to get attention. @imakate said, "That's the cutest manipulator I've ever seen." Honestly, if he does meow for attention, it's brilliant! It clearly works and the bird has all of TikTok's attention! 

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Now let's talk about how real this bird's meow was! @jennisnotashark wrote, "That sounds so much like my cat it's unreal 😂." Yes! So, SO realistic! Did anyone else's dog look up because they thought they heard a cat?! 

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