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Bird's Adorable Reaction to a Bowl of Pasta Makes Us So Happy

Who doesn't love a good ole carbo load? From endless pasta and loaded pizzas, carb dishes are probably some of our favorite meals. That's why we dump in the whole box of pasta even when it's only for one person. LOL! Or why we shove down an extra slice even though we're already so full. The one positive out of being a carb-obsessed person is knowing we definitely aren't the only ones. And even if we were, we have no shame!

Believe it or not, birds are carb loving creatures too. Ok, so maybe not all birds. But TikTok user @plutoandcassini showed us her Conure named Pluto is like us when it comes to carbs, especially pasta. In a recent she shared, Pluto was diving into his bowl of pasta, as one does, and his reaction is all too relatable!

O.M.G. This is pure gold! His little dance after his first bite is everything. And it's exactly how we all feel eating pasta. If only we could be this cute when eating then it would be game over for you all. "I have the same reaction to a bowl of pasta yum!" said @pongomom50. We think it's safe to say that's how everyone reacts to a bowl of pasta! 

"He's an Italian bird!!!!! I love it 😂," commented @Gregory Doner. LOL! And even if he wasn't an Italian bird, you can just tell Italian food is his favorite. Just look at how big his bowl of pasta is! It's bigger than he is. Ha!

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"What is it with birds and carbs? 😂😂," asked @Kendra Smith. Maybe instead of this question, we should be asking why are carbs so good because birds aren't the only ones like this when it comes to carbs. Any living creature would carb overload every single day if we could!

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