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Video of Bird Giving 'Kisses' to a Parrot on TV Is Going Viral

Affection is a love language that many species understand--including parrots. This sweet bird named Beaker took a break from bugging his mate, Tinkerbell, to attempt to woo a parrot on TV, and TikTok is simply loving it. His account, @beakerbeak, is abuzz with all of his new fans! 

It won't take long for you to see why everyone is falling in love with Beaker's romantic moves--he's one suave bird. If only the parrot on TV could've seen him work it!

OMG, Beaker is really putting on the moves! We have a feeling his pursuit would've been successful if he'd been wooing a real bird, but we know he has Tinkerbell wrapped around his feathers. With flirtatious poses like Beaker has, though, who wouldn't be obsessed?

"Pov: you're nearing 30 and a TikTok bird is more romantic than 95% of the people around you," wrote commenter @calliegoodwin. That's relatable AF! Beaker certainly knows how to give a partner his full attention, and isn't that what most parrots are looking for?

One of the video's most liked comments came from @naticaaa_169: "get him a girlfriend." He's got one! Beaker and Tink's mama wrote in her own comment, "Beaker still loves his girlfriend Tinkerbell the most.. but she was enjoying the peace for a moment while he was distracted." Hey, whatever works! We're just glad this precious moment was caught on film for us all to enjoy.

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