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Video of Birds Having Their Own 'CEO Meeting' Is Cracking People Up

Don't we all secretly wonder what our pets are doing when we're not in the room? It's like in the movie Toy Story, we all know that they're up to something when they're on their own. A video on TikTok might just prove that our pets have their own little world going on after one woman walked in on her birds having a "CEO meeting." 

Bird mom Lina Garcia (@gonpachirokamaboku) must've been shocked when she walked into her room and saw that all of her birds were missing from their cage. But when she found them she just had to share her journey. "Tell me why I walked into my room and immediately panicked because I walk in here and there are no birds in the cage," she can be heard saying over the footage. Not only were there no birds in sight, it was completely silent — which seemed pretty eerie too. She checked all of their normal hang out spots, but for a minute there it really looked like they'd vanished. 

"I'm like, 'did they escape somehow?' No, they're huddled in front of the mirror having their little CEO meeting," Garcia continued. And yep, these birds are planning a hostile takeover, we just know it. 

People in the comments section couldn't stop laughing. "I DIDN'T SEE THEM EITHER WHAT," exclaimed. "'They are sooo cute' while they are secretly planning your death," @lunarose_3666 joked. "They plotting the big escape," @burnt95biscuit teased. "You really caught them plotting," @rinnegoddess wrote, before adding the crying-laughing emoji.

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Later in the thread, Garcia explained that she usually lets her birds "free roam, because I don’t want them to stress out inside the cage. I found that helps a lot with minimizing their loud squawks," she added.

Which explains how they got out of their cage. But we'd be lying if we didn't say that we're still wondering what these birds are plotting.

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