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Video of Bison 'Scratching His Itch' at Badlands National Park in South Dakota Is Just the Best

On the master list of 'Most Annoying Things In The World', an unscratchable itch has got to be near the top. It's crazy how one small sensation can drive a person mad, though honestly it's relatable AF, too. It's so relatable, in fact, that one doesn't even need to be a human to understand the struggle. Take it from this bison!

One lucky TikToker got the footage of a lifetime while visiting Badlands National Park in South Dakota. @Kel_reth and her travel partners were driving by a large park sign when they noticed an even larger bison using the landmark to scratch an itch. There's no doubt in our minds what this animal is doing--and, yes, it's even cuter than it sounds!

Ha! It's so relatable--right? This guy's just minding his own business, giving himself a scratch, and doesn't even notice that he's using a park sign for a scratcher! Honestly, though, he looks like he couldn't care less if traffic is slowing just for him. All that matters is getting out that itch.

"Awwwww, the Welcome Committee! 🥰," commented @hammancheeze. It totally does look like these two bison were chilling there to say hello to visitors. We're glad no one tried to actually say hi, though! 

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Meanwhile, "The other bison [is] just waiting for his turn on the ole scratching post 😂." @Christiemarieventimiglia nailed it! Though he doesn't seem particularly impatient, bison number two definitely does seem like he's just waiting for his buddy to finish up. Also relatable!

"Ironic that the sign has spikes on it so birds won’t land on it," @tlongo71 pointed out. Woah, we didn't even see that before! That is pretty funny, especially since bison can do a lot more damage than birds. You do you, Badlands!

Speaking of, @nerissalemon commented what all of us are thinking, and she deserves a round of applause. "Badlands?" she wrote. "Those look like Goodlands to me." Exactly!

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