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Video of Bison Sweetly Checking Out a Puppy Gives Us All the Feels

There are some moments you really can't predict. Like a video on TikTok that shows the craziest meeting of a bison and a little, teeny, tiny puppy. There's no way we would've guessed that the bison would be so gentle. And the pup had the best reaction to meeting the large animal too. Take a look!

Normally, the TikTok account @crosstimbersbison shares videos from their bison ranch in Sulphur, Oklahoma. But recently they were trending online thanks to an incredible video of the bison and the puppy having a special moment. The footage shows the bison coming up to car where the puppy and an older dog were sitting. And while we've always imagine bison as being big and intimidating, the way it reacts to seeing the puppy has us in tears.

The pup definitely seems nervous, but don't worry he's totally okay! "Get me outta herrrre!" the caption joked, as if reading his mind. 

People in the comments section were so into these two meeting each other. "Your Bison are so majestic and beautiful. Thank you for being stewards of these beautiful animals!" @102whiskeyzulu wrote. "He said I’m a cattle dog and this ain’t a damn cow," @andydm82 joked. "The big floof wants the little floof!!!!" @bryant.nick quipped. "Bison be like hmmm friend or foe. Pup be like none of the above," @gypsy1sadie kidded. 

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Again, the pup was perfectly safe. And we're sure that he was just nervous for meeting a whole freakin' bison for the first time. No judgement here, little guy. We'd be sort of nervous too.

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