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Video of Bison Leaving Yellowstone During Devastating Flooding Is Breaking Hearts

Yellowstone National Park was recently closed to tourists as historic flooding ripped through the area. The floods caused major damage to roads and some houses were even swept away. This caused setbacks for traveler's plans who wanted to visit the beautiful park. Plus, there could be a potential decrease in the area's economy as fewer tourists visit. But the alarm bells that are ringing for many people are how the animals are going to be affected by the floods.

TikTok user @karavigilante captured a devastating video of what happened when the floods hit Yellowstone. She was in her car filming when a herd of bison was running down the road in rainy and gloomy weather. Dozens and dozens of bison were all together, even the little babies, escaping the disaster to come. Your heart will break instantly when you watch this clip.

Ugh, this video is so, so sad. It really puts into perspective how natural disasters can not only affect humans but animals too. Luckily animals have incredible instincts and know when disaster is coming, allowing them to act quickly. But we still can't help but think about them and worry. 

TikTok users are sending their best wishes to these animals, and the rest of the ones that live in Yellowstone. "Beautiful creatures may they all be safe," commented @sammiejane326. Another user, @lizzyluvsprpl, added, "Praying for the wildlife in this disaster. Precious animals 🙏🏼❤️." TikTok user @kimcooper682 put our minds at ease when she commented, "They sense something is wrong, they go into survival mode. I'm pretty sure they stayed in the mountains, n flats that haven’t been affected." Phew, they knew to move to higher grounds to keep safe. Thank goodness!

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Although the floods may cause a decrease in park attendance this summer, it actually might be a good thing for the wildlife. Animals will not be as bothered by people and cars entering the parks. So as sad as this is, there might be a silver lining here for the wildlife. 

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