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Video of Giant Bison Minding His Business at Yellowstone Is Cracking People Up

As one of the most frequently visited National Parks, according to a study by CNN and the National Park Service, Yellowstone is home to a variety of landscapes and wildlife. This includes American Bison, an incredibly large species that's known both for its size and its aggression. Still, these giant mammals are gorgeous to see, especially among the fields and mountains of Yellowstone.

That's just one reason why TikTok couple @mattathenawildadventures' has this viral video. Not only is the bison majestic AF, but he's got a lot to say while minding his business in the middle of the road. Yep, the middle of the road!

Well! We'd pull over to get a good look at this guy, too, but his lovely grunts were the cherry on top. It's such a distinct, unique sound; we think it sounds like the combination of a moo and a lion's roar! 

"I sound the same after I drink a large coke too fast," joked commenter @jpiper7. LOL! Okay, perhaps those sounds do share some similarities, but it's still pretty unique. It's almost like he's making an announcement to all those parked cars! "He's giving you the park rules, once, and only once 😁," @stevenreichert888 wrote. 

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While a lot of viewers are baffled by the bison's vocalizations, others are impressed by the sheer size of the animal. Like @user2693267075863 said, that's "one ton of don't mess with me." Well, yeah! Those park rules about keeping a safe distance from animals are in place for a very good reason. 

If you'd like to see these amazing creatures in person, Yellowstone is the place to go. @User711631202 commented, "we were just there for a week [and] saw hundreds of Bison!" There are lots of these animals in @mattathenawildadventures' videos, too, so there are plenty of ways to get your fix.

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