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Viral Video of Huge Bison Going for a Stroll at Yellowstone Is a Sight to See

Yellowstone National Park is truly a sight to behold. From the gushing geysers to the rolling prairies, it's as if it's in a world of its own. Where else would you get this close to a bison? Of course, these gigantic creatures are just as dangerous as they are beautiful. They are wild animals, after all! Park rangers are always keeping visitors a safe distance from these animals, but every now and again, a very lucky person manages to get up close and personal while remaining completely safe...from the inside of their car! 

That lucky person is @jacoreyfisher3, and while we don't encourage getting this close to a bison, we'd be lying if we said it wasn't really cool.

What a huge animal! The size and strength of these creatures are impressive AF, but that's also why people tend not to get this close. Like @ssmthnv44 commented, "You need to be there in summer when it's Tourist Tossing time." OMG! 

@Mauricewilliams968 agrees, "😳 I'd never in my life drive that close." Neither would we! At least we'd have the window up if we got this near to a bison, but we're very glad the animal didn't mind a drive-by camera shot. He could crush that phone with one hoof!

"Bro only does upper body😳😂😂😂," joked @ok_ofentse. LMAO! That's exactly the vibe this muscular dude is giving off, but the accuracy just makes it even funnier. We could 100% picture this bison flexing like he's all that--because he is! 

In this setting, though, he looks much more elegant than a gym rat. No wonder @julsey65 adores these creatures so much! "They're magnificent," she gushed. "I go every year🥰🥰." For the chance to have an experience like this, so would we!