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Hikers' Encounter With Black Bear on Tennessee Trail Has People Talking

Hiking is such an awesome activity that gets you out of the house and into nature. Trails range from simple walking ones to expert-level with several in between. There's a trail for everyone no matter if it's your first time or you hike daily. But one thing all hikers need to be made aware of is the wildlife that lives in the area. You have to be on alert to stay safe. 

A group of hikers was walking through Tennessee's Trillium Gap Trail in the Smoky Mountains when they approached the unexpected. Well, not necessarily unexpected because it's their home, but it's something we never want to see on a hike. We'd be so scared! Definitely don't do what these hikers did in TikTok user @barrett80's clip. You'll be shaking your head at their reactions. 

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We honestly don't know what we'd do in this situation. Everyone says to stay calm, but how the heck are you supposed to stay calm when you see a bear?! One thing's for certain, definitely don't react like these hikers as they just stood there with their phones out taking pictures and filming. 

We agree with @Dawnprince1997 who wrote, "Everyone out with the phones I would be walking backward slowly." We'd want to run away as fast as possible, but you can't outrun a bear! Be like the lady wearing pink in this video. As @Trixienuggets pointed out, "The lady in pink would survive. She was ready to go. Everyone else nope." We'd be out of there so quickly! Especially since the bear probably thought of them as food. @shem5555 said, "Bear just found breakfast, lunch n dinner some snacks 😂." Yeah, no thank you! 

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You have to agree that the commentary during the video is hilarious. Someone said the hangover was gone. LOL! @Steven Campo commented, "Best hangover cure: get scared af at a bear." That's one to get rid of a hangover! But there's got to be a better way because we don't want to be in this situation at all! 

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