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Black Cats' Pumpkin Gymnastics 'Routine' Is the Fall Content We're Here For

Any cat owner can tell you how graceful their feline friend is. Cats can jump super high, weave themselves through the dishes in your china cabinet without breaking anything, and then walk across the narrowest ledge at the tippy-top of your kitchen cabinets. Just try and see a dog do that! Dogs are doofy, lumbering, clumsy floof balls who knock everything over with their tails. We love them! They just aren't as graceful as cats are. 

Just take a lot at these agile beautiful posted by @Blackcattrails on TikTok. Not only are they walking on a balance beam by way of a deck railing, they are jumping over pumpkins while doing so. Amazing!

What talented fur babies! @Shelia may be the rare clumsy-cat owner, because she posts, "My cats would have knocked every one off." @Jenn adds, "It’s like it’s show time and they rehearsed this." It is! These cats are true performers. We love that little kitty chirp at the end like he's saying "MOM! Mom! Did you see, mom?" So cute! @Mapa adds the perfect comment with "This is their version of the meowlympics but everyone wins gold!" 

Is your cat as graceful as these or do they knock everything over? This is making us want to place our pumpkins on a ledge and see how our own cats do! 

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