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Precious Black Cat Who Is 'Losing Hope' in Florida Shelter Breaks Our Hearts

An animal shelter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is seeking the Internet's help so a black cat can find a forever home. The video that the shelter posted to their TikTok account @humanebroward has completely broken our hearts. But hopefully, if enough people see it, there will be a happy ending for this fur baby. 

This 8-year-old cat named Lily is losing hope of ever getting adopted. Unfortunately, she was brought to the shelter after her owner fell very ill. Since then, she's been waiting to find a new owner and home. It's been 2.5 months. We sure hope someone will adopt this precious angel. You'll be crying once you read her "losing hope" letter. 

Ugh, we can't handle this. If we were closer to Florida, we'd pick her up immediately. But hopefully, TikTok can work its magic and someone will save her. 

"Lily is beautiful please someone save her 💓," commented @kim_memaw86. She's so purrfect and sweet. @Michelle Jameson added, "Lily, I hope you get the loving home that you deserve 💜💕." Us too! It was probably hard enough leaving her owner. We can't imagine how sad she is in the shelter. We're praying for the right person to come along. 

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Another TikTok user, @KelseyMoutardier, said, "8 is not old! She’ll probably live 10+ more years given proper care. I guarantee she’ll still play and be fun too. Perfect age!" Right?! She has so much life left to live. We do love that TikTokers are commenting on how they'd adopt her in a heartbeat if they lived closer. Someone even offered to foster her. AW! So amazing to see the community coming together and wanting to help. Let's hope we see an update soon of someone coming to rescue Lily! 

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