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Black Cat's Reaction to Food Prank Is Totally Relatable

Every time we go over to our pets' food bins to feed them, they can't sit still. They'll be jumping all over the place and whining if you don't get to it fast enough. Food above all else, according to pets. LOL! 

TikTok user @lloydtheblackcat knows that food is life for her Black Cat. But she couldn't help and play a little prank on Lloyd. She pretended to scoop the food for Llyod, but what she ended up giving him is not the result the cat wanted.  

Aww, poor kitty! We feel bad for laughing at this clip but it's just too adorably funny. And his sweet face was so confused that the bowl wasn't filled. It almost looked like he thought he was in trouble. Ugh, no! You'd never be in trouble Lloyd!

"I've never seen a cat actually be so patient for its food," said @luzrsworld. We've never actually seen any animal be so patient while waiting for food! Can this sweet kitty teach our pets to be more like this? LOL! @blakeberrii added, "Give him more he's waiting so politely!!!" Give him extra!

Another TikTok user, @bluecrushtaco, added, "Dude said, 'Damn, inflation hitting me too?!'" HA! We know food prices have skyrocketed but there's no way Lloyd would be getting the short end of it. Heck, no pet will! We'll still be giving the best of the best food forever and ever.


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