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Labrador's Reaction to Learning He's Going to Grandma and Grandpa's Is As Good As It Gets

All children, whether of the dog or human variety, love to visit their grandparents. It's an exciting day full of treats, belly rubs, walks, and naps without your nagging parents. This Labrador pup is no exception.

When Sully found out he would be visiting Grandma and Grandpa, his mom had to lay down some ground rules. In the recent video posted on their TikTok page, @sullytheblacklab2.0, he listens and reacts to his mom's conditions for visiting his grandparents, such as no jumping and being polite. Check out the video to see what Sully thinks about these rules!

OMG, this is too funny. Sully experienced a full range of emotions in this video, from elation to the idea of visiting Grandma and Grandpa to indignation at the idea of not being allowed back to their house. So cute!

People in the comments were loving this and thought Sully was being such a good listener! @libbymalinowski said, 'He takes "ground rules" super literally,' and @716ergirl commented, "When they blink and turn their head, I am positive they understand everything! My kids think I’m nuts when I talk to our guys!" Dogs are so smart, they definitely understand what we are saying!

Others were clamoring to know how the visit went, so Sully's mom posted an update from when she dropped him off, and it's too funny! Sully could not contain his excitement during the car ride, and he had the funniest reaction upon their arrival in the video below.

Sully is just the cutest, and we don't blame him for being excited to see Grandma! @imbxbytf commented on this video, "He knew it was grandma time and did not make haste." Sully did not want to waste any more time with his mom!

We're sure their visit went wonderfully, and Sully was the best behaved boy on the block. Who else is counting down when Sully's next grandparents visit will be so we get more Sully+Grandma content? We know we are!