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Black Lab Puppy Crunching on Seaweed Is Beyond Adorable

We can't get enough of dogs trying out different foods, even though we know their reaction will all be the same. They always want more and can't believe their food doesn't taste as good. LOL! 

All those videos are adorable, but there is one, in particular, that stands out to us. TikTok user @tessanielson posted a clip of a Black Lab puppy eating seaweed and it seriously doesn't get better than this. Just listen to the crunches!

O.M.G. We can't get over this little baby's crunching of the seaweed. Literally one of the cutest sounds we've ever heard. The TikTok creator wrote in the comments, "I couldn’t bring myself to put music over the little chomps 😅." And we're so glad they didn't! You don't need a sound over this clip. The chomps are music enough to our ears.

@xyxinc said, "He’s like, 'What else you got?'” LOL! He was so upset that he only got one single piece of seaweed. We think he needs a few more pieces to be completely satisfied. And at least it wasn't an unhealthy treat! @garageparty wrote, "Healthy boy." He's going to grow up big and strong!  

"But if a human sounds like this I'm ready to throw hands. 😂😂," commented @ginniw09. LOL! It's so true though. No human chewing sounds as cute as this. Also, who knew seaweed was a tasty treat for pets?! So many TikTokers are commenting that their dogs and cats love it. LOL! Guess we got to try it out for ourselves. Unsalted though, of course! 


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