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Video of Black Labrador Patiently Waiting for Dad to Greet Her After Work Is Pretty Impressive

Doggie training is not easy — for both you and your puppy. One really good girl definitely deserves a treat for trying so hard not to tackle her papa the second he walked in the door. And thankfully it was all captured on video. 

The Black Lab, whose name is Patty Cakes (so cute!), must've been really working hard on practicing patience. And if you ask us, she just about nailed it. As the video from her owner @charlieandpatty shows, the pup was really trying hard to be good. "POV: You're learning to not tackle your person at the door when they get home from work and are waiting to be greeted," the video's text overlay reads. Take a peek at how Patty looks longingly at the door. Her little tail totally shows how excited she is. 

"Nothing hits like Dad coming home from work," the video's caption reads.

The comments section was so proud of Patty for keeping her cool. "I don’t know why but the sound of the happy tail both soothes me and makes me happy," @rellish21 admitted. "Nothing better than a calm dog when you come home ! I hate the massive meet and greet drama personally!" @middleaged2112 shared. "That’s a good pup! Very disciplined! Sweet baby," @pennybme praised. "The desire to tackle is held back by the tiniest of threads," @jared29132 joked. 

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You could say again! Another video on the pup's page seems to say that she's a bit of a troublemaker. And yep she definitely is — but she's just so cute. 

"You can’t get caught slippin’ with this busy girl," her owner joked in the caption.

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