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Video of Blind Cat Proudly Bringing Mom a Gift Is Enough to Make Us Weep

Meet @moetblindcat, the sweetest, all-white, blind cat. She's captured our hearts before when we first met her on TikTok. She previously, and proudly, presented her mom with a gift and now, Moet is showing her generosity again. Her kindness is blowing us away because now we know it wasn't a one-time incident. 

In the recent video, which has over 2.9 million views, this cat is once again bringing something over to her mom. The clip shows Moet walking down the stairs, with her cat sibling stopping her at the bottom so she doesn't go too far. Then Moet starts making her way to her mom with something in her mouth. Just wait until you hear the sound she makes when she presents her mom with the gift. It's so sweet it'll make you cry! 

How precious is this?! It doesn't matter one bit that the cat is blind, she's still a kind little lady! And she was so excited to show off her little toy to mama. Let's call this baby what @Su_Haleem196 said, "They are fur angels😻😻." Seriously, such sweet fur angels! 

TikTok users are obsessing over Moet. @wilderlove wrote, "My heart 😭 what a precious precious baby 💗." We don't know if we've seen a kinder furry friend. "This melted my heart," added @hebaxmostafa. To be fair, this melted all of our hearts!

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And did you hear what Moet was saying after coming down the stairs! "Aww such a sweet little meows," commented @Eric_and_ollie_. The cutest meows we've ever heard! @__random..stuff____ added, "I heard the cat say, 'I brought u something :) do you like it? I thought it was pretty, just like you." That's exactly what we heard too! Not only is Moet a sweetie, but she's also got a way with words too. LOL! 

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